A traumatic brain injury, also referred to as TBI, can have severe long-term consequences on one’s mental and physical health.

However, it is often difficult to identify or accurately measure the damage caused by the injury when a person is seeking compensation.

Therefore, it is essential to understand the factors surrounding damages for TBI, such as causes and implications, to pursue fair compensation.

Varying Causes Of TBI

Each year, over 1.5 million Americans sustain traumatic brain injuries. Let this sink in for a moment.

Many of these injuries are caused by road accidents, slipping and falling, sports injuries, or workplace mishaps.

Sometimes, the person only suffers a mild concussion, where the brain’s cells are seriously damaged temporarily.

However, in some cases, it worsens over time, making it difficult for the affected to perform day-to-day tasks and causing physical disabilities.

On the other hand, TBI’s can also be life-threatening when they result in internal bleeding, bruises, and even torn tissues.

These damages may not always be visible, which makes the situation highly critical.

That’s why even if you feel the concussion is mild, immediately seek medical care, so the severity of the damage can be identified, and prompt action can be taken.

Laboratory scientist study human brain by magnifying glass. Head Tomography. Doctor diagnoses of alzheimer and dementia disease, memory loss problem. Researching in neurology, psychiatry, stroke

Long-Lasting Treatments For TBI

Naturally, the treatment for traumatic brain injury depends on its severity and prognosis.

However, in almost all cases, the initial treatment is in the form of a trip to the emergency room or a visit to the doctor if it’s a mild concussion. It may involve various procedures, such as MRIs and surgeries.

After that, a follow-up visit to a specialist medical professional is usually required to see how the patient is recovering and if there are persisting damages.

There are also several therapies that the person will have to undergo — sometimes, for a few months, other times for life. These include physical, occupational, and speech therapies that allow patients to perform their everyday tasks and restore a sense of normalcy, even slightly.

Vocational skill training is also helpful to those who are unable to continue with their former careers and seek opportunities in a different profession.

Importance of Seeking Professional Legal Advice

From huge medical bills to the regular costs of hiring help or undergoing therapies, traumatic brain injuries can lead to a mountain of expenses, particularly if the person has to pay from their savings.

This is where you need a personal injury lawyer to help acquire fair financial compensation that covers the damages in terms of costs and detrimental health.

Firstly, the lawyer will assess the cause and nature of your injury. Every case is unique. Therefore, they will account for all factors relevant to your case.

The next step will be to total the tangible financial expenses incurred, such as medical costs, and loss of future wages, diminished quality of life, and emotional and physical strain.

Find The Best TBI Lawyers To Assist You

We understand how difficult life after a traumatic brain injury can be.

Financial compensation may not put things back normal, but it can help you lead a better life in the future.

Schedule a free consultation with a Trdatyan Law 818–518–1688 and move forward with the process of seeking TBI compensation!

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